Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thriving as a Teacher

The focus of this blog is to explore and write about how to think about, conceptualize and feel about teaching, not how to teach. This will be something teachers can use to support themselves rather than something that says, “Everyone teach this way.” So many teaching programs and workshops focus on methodologies, but miss the point of what the purpose of teaching and learning is.

Do you have a reason for teaching? Do your students have a reason for learning?

In addition to reasons, how do we organize our lives as teachers? We deal with so much ambiguity in evaluating ourselves and our students honestly, it creates a psychological challenge.
How can we be sure we are succeeding and we haven't simply created an echo chamber of our own misconceptions about what our students have achieved?

There is always more that can be done to help a student. How and where do we draw the line?

Some future topics I'll look into in more depth:

Loving your kids

Loving your subject



Day to Day

Your Family/Your Life Outside of Work

The Obligation to be Passionate

How do you deal with some of the above questions? Please suggest some future topics as well.

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